There are a few things I HAVE to have before I can begin building...

WATER:  To have Kingsland Water Supply Corp run water to my property is it the
unbelievable amount of $3,500.00.  Having a well drilled is way more money!  And the chances of hitting water on my property are pretty slim, the people that own the land just behind my land said they drilled 4 times and never got water.

ELECTRIC:  To have CTEC Coop to run electric to my property, it is going to cost 570.00+ (They would not give me an exact amount)

TELEPHONE: Verizon can not give me any amount at all until CTEC has installed the poles...  (Telephone & Internet (I have to have for work))

SEPTIC TANK: I know a guy that used to do this, he said he would do it for me, if I purchase the materials and rent the equipment.

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