1 Box Stove Top Stuffing (Any flavor, I used Cornbread this time)
1 C of Chicken Broth
3 or 4  Pork Chops
1 Can Cream of _____ Soup (I used Poblano this time)

Combine Chicken Broth and Stove Top in your crock pot
Lay the chops over the top of Stove Top mixture
Pour Cream of _____ Soup over the top of the chops
Cover, cook 4 to 5 hours on high
Doesn't look great while cooking, hoping it taste better!
I was gonna take photos of my nicely plated food, but, there was no nicely plated food.  My son bet me to the crock pot, and my plate was a mess.
OK, so it was not great :(
I do think it might be better with chicken and Savory Herb Stove Top

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