Hopes and Dreams are great to have!  I think everyone should have them!  I have probably done more dreaming than anyone on this planet!

Now the time has come to be realistic!  To give more thought to what I will be doing, instead of what I dream of someday having and doing.

Earth home, that is perfect for me!  It suits my lifestyle, my gut feeling and the person I am!  No to decide which is going to work best for my property.

Made of clay, sand and straw.
1st Choice ... but it is pretty much out for me, considering there is not enough clay in the ground on my property.  I would not know where to begin looking for that type of clay or what the cost would be.

Earth Bags...
2nd choice ...  I can do most of this with onsite materials.

Straw Bale…
Made of straw, not hay, but straw.
3rd choice ... Hummm, Straw huh?  Wonder if they sale that here?  But, that is going to
cost money, and kinda defeats many of my ideas.
Update:  OK, I have checked around, they sale for 4.00+ per bale.

Cordwood …
Laying whole or split wood 6" to 24" long, width-wise in a bed of mortar.
4th choice ...I know there is not enough trees on my property to build a home, but I could probably locate trees that others would like taken down.

Made up of rammed earth and tires.
5th choice ... Oh, I am sure I could clean peoples yards and get enough tires around here to build a HUGE home that would not even fit on my property, lol

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