I refuse to go into debt for a home!!!

Concrete Slab, 55 yards ($4,800.00) or 3210 -60lb Bags at $2.76 ($8,859.60)

Cob is out, because I would have to ship the clay in, and they kinda defeats the purpose of building cob!

Straw Bale, I am having trouble locating them for a reasonable amount in my area.

Cinder Blocks (8X8X16") are $1.78 each (I need about 1,600), $2,848.00, plus about 50 bags of mortar.

As of right now, I am thinking of papercrete.  It seems to be the most inexpensive solution to me owning my own home.  I can get a similar look to cob, which I love so much.


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