Yeah, completely ridiculous, right?  I don't have enough land to build that home!  Not even if it were 3 stories high!  lol  And my idea is to condense as much as possible, yet still have everything I wish to have!  

Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom / Laundry Room
Master Walk-in Closet / Dressing Room
Master Meditation Room
Master Office / Kitchen Office
Walk-in Pantry / Stock Pile Storage
Kitchen Island / Breakfast Nook / Dining Room
Bedroom 1
Jack and Jill Bathroom for Bedrooms 1 & 2
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Jack and Jill Bathroom for Bedrooms 3 & 4
Bedroom 4
Craft Room
Guest 1/2 Bath
Great Room
Home Theatre
Deck (all the way around the house)
Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ
Sunroom Greenhouse
Doggie Daycare

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